Pimping my Marchena Bright White Cane

My name is Debby Marchena, I live in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, and I’m visually impaired.

Several months ago, I was overlooked by a car and got hit. The driver just saw me when I flew over the hood. And you know what? I think that accident could easily have been avoided. From now on, especially in the dark and with bad weather, this kind of accidents should belong to the past.


By enhancing the visibility for visually impaired people by means of light emitting white canes. Moreover, that looks much better than the old fashioned canes!

A conventional white stick apparently does not offer enough protection. I know this by experience and so does the unfortunate car driver.

OKay, a stick helps us to find the our way, and as it is white the others (should) know that we are blind or at least visually impaired.

However, people with perfect sight can still overlook visually impaired people, even when we walk with white canes.
Therefore it is important to make the visually impaired more visible.

So we started experimenting.

The picture above shows one of the more succesfull experiments…

You can join me to develop a useful white cane:  You can find more information on the Cane intself and how to Build Your Own “Marchena Cane” on my project lightupcane.com

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Eerste experiment Pimping my Cane